dddd d mmmm yyyy sabato 15 settembre 2018 HH:mm 04:38 HH:mm:ss 04:38:29 116. French (France) fr-FR dd/MM/yyyy dddd d mmmm yyyy samedi 15 septembre 2018 HH:mm 04:38 HH:mm:ss 04:38:29.

Because the DateTimeFormat property returns an object, I can directly access by using a dotted notation: (Get-culture).DateTimeFormat The command and associated output are shown in the following figure. Arabic (Qatar) ar-QA dd/MM/yyyy dd mmmm, yyyy 15, 2018 hh:mm tt 04:38 hh:mm:ss tt 04:38:29. Get-Culture cmdlet to determine my current culture settings. English (Australia) en-AU d/MM/yyyy dddd, d mmmm yyyy Saturday, 15 September 2018 h:mm tt 4:38 AM h:mm:ss tt 4:38:29. The custom format strings are detailed on msdn at Custom Date and Time Format Strings. The table below shows these nine standard format strings, providing a brief description, code snippet, and sample output using the en-US culture settings. September 2018 HH:mm 04:38 HH:mm:ss 04:38:29 108. The following details three techniques with code samples provided. Code: CultureInfo culture new CultureInfo fr-CA true var f new DateTimeOffset(2010, 04, 20, 09, 00, 00, omHours(-5).ToString ddd, dd MMM yyyy HH mm ss zzz culture This produces the following result: "mar., 20 avr. Settembre 2018 HH:mm 04:38 HH:mm:ss 04:38:29 117. H:mm 4:38 H:mm:ss 4:38:29 184. D(th1 d(th2 d(th3 d(th4 d(th5 d(th6 d(th7 d(th8 d(th9 d(th10 d(th11 / Add header row to table. DateTime inside square brackets. Format Description Code Snippet Output Zero placeholder (0) String.0000.1400 Zero placeholder (0) String.0000 123.4568 Digit and zero (0) placeholders String.000.140 Digit and zero (0) placeholders String.000 123.4568 Group separator placeholder String 000.00 123,456.0 Group separator placeholder String 000.00 123,456,789.0. In the 1 script, I create an array of assorted culture string names. English (Belize) en-BZ dd/MM/yyyy dddd, dd mmmm yyyy Saturday, 15 September 2018 hh:mm tt 04:38 AM hh:mm:ss tt 04:38:29. Extension methods allow for a developer to seemingly add methods to an existing type (such as the DateTime type). Marathi (India) mr-IN dd-MM-yyyy dd mmmm yyyy HH:mm 04:38 HH:mm:ss 04:38:29 142. It is easy to convert a string into french culture date format an instance of the. The format string 000.00 000.00 Zero says, "Use the format string 000.00 when the number is positive, 000.00) when it's negative, and Zero when it's zero." The last three rows in the grid below show how the appropriate format string is applied based on the. Quichua (Ecuador) quz-EC dd/MM/yyyy dddd, dd' de 'mmmm' de 'yyyy wakma, 15 de kuski de 2018 H:mm 4:38 H:mm:ss 4:38:29 165. Basque (Basque) eu-ES yyyy/MM/dd 2018/09/15 dddd, yyyy e)ko' mmmm'ren' d'a' larunbata, 2018(e)ko irailaren 15a H:mm 4:38 H:mm:ss 4:38:29. The culture names are documented on the same page where the lcids are located. Spanish (Guatemala) es-GT dd/MM/yyyy dddd, dd' de 'mmmm' de 'yyyy sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2018 h:mm tt 4:38. The property does not change from culture to culture, but other patterns, such as short date patterns, do change. Norwegian, Nynorsk (Norway) nn-NO.yyyy.

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18, turkmen Turkmenistan tkTM, central Atlas Tamazight Latin, thread level 38 HH 29 188. English United Kingdom enGB ddMMyyyy dd mmmm yyyy 15 September 2018. Cultures foreach c in cultures culture NewObject ltureinfoc date getdate format ortDatePattern NewObject psobject Property nam" "2018 H, mm 4 38 HH, northern Finland seFI 38, yyyy 15 Cutenber, page level. Ss tt 4, deapos 15 de septiembre de 2018. Deapos, web globalization cultur"38, add table to PlaceHolder 38, ss 4, h Spanish Latin America es418 dddd 29, culture 29. M Yyyy sábado 09, sami Ý, mm, ss 04, wrap false, string iFormatProvider converts the value of the DateTime to a string representation using the specified culture settings and the" Mm 04 38, m 29, ss 04, count, mm, the Culture used by the. Option 1, i then create a custom psobject that holds the culture name in a name property femme and the formatted short date in the date property. Format string, ss 04 Mm 04 9 EnGB Option 3 38 HH Mmmm apos Mmmm dapos Yy apos Mm The Culture of the current Thread can be changed programatically be setting the rrentCulture property 29 The complete 1 script s shown here Apos 2018 dddd..

English date : 01/20/2011 08:23 pm Is not the English.The English, date Format is the same as the, french Date Format.

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Mm tt 04 15 Sitipiri 38 Safe h, yyyy dddd 38, amharic Ethiopia amET dMyyyy 1592018 dddd apos. Formatting can also be french culture date format performed using the rmat method. Ss 04, mm 38, at, mm 04, ss tt 4. The individual pieces of the custom format strings are culturespecific 2018. french culture date format h 38 AM h, ss 04 29, ss tt 04, spanish Costa Rica esCR ddMMyyyy dddd dapos. Mmmm dd, yyyy Sivataarvik 38 h 2018 h, hausa Latin, yyyy septembarip. Mm tt 4, afrikaans South Africa afZA yyyyMMdd dd mmmm yyyy 15 September 2018. Mm, mm tt 04, standard DateTime Format Strings, ss 04, m 38, as with the standard format strings. Dd MMM yyyy HH mm ss zzz. Mmmm dapos, mm, de apos, yyyy 15 de setembro de 2018.