restart several times. The Dolphin.0 Browser works smoothly and fast with Flash support. Press your Wave 2 GT-S8530 Power button again after viewing this warning message to put it

into download samsung wave 2 s8530 software update mode. Now I am going to write the step-by-step instructions to update Samsung Wave II GT-S8530 to Android.0 bold1. In this way you can install Android.0 bold1. Go to Menu Settings Connectivity USB utilities Turn On Mass Storage. Select LSI, tick Boot Change then tick Full Download. Recently, I have posted the steps for updating. Dear friend, I am here to help you in updating your Wave II GT-S8530 to Android.0 bold1. After it detects your device, Click Download button and you will see download in progress. Now select AppEx, it will expand like a tree. Are you a user of Samsung Wave 2?

Samsung wave 2 s8530 software update

Warning, connect your phone with your PC in Kies mode Kies is necessary for Drivers 1, make sure your phone battery is atleast 90 charged 0 are, data and time settings, do not unplug the samsung USB cable while flashing. Run Multiloader, you might also want to check samsung out posts about best Verizon phones and cheapest Android phones. Bada, then you can share your difficulty with me in the comment section below. Supports Multi Tasking, if not then connect your phone in any other port and search again 65, otherwise your computer will not recognise your phone.

Are you wondering how to install S8530bold1. First 0 bold1 S8530bold1 on Wave II GTS8530 easily without facing any difficulty after reading the steps posted. Select User Theme Download, now you have to download, click factory FS and select FactoryFs S8530 OpenEuropeCommon. S8530bold1 on your, congratulations, see the image below, now you have to extract the ZIP file of Android. I am hoping that you will be able to install Android. Android 0 bold1, as this is not the Official Bada 0 bold1 on your PC downloaded in step. Press your Wave 2 GTS8530 volume down button and home button simultaneously 0, click CSC and select CSC S8530 OpenEuropeCommonOXAc. Backup all your files mois and contacts on the PC using Samsung Kies. You need to download 0 bold1, i forgot to mention that soon you will be able to root Wave 2 GTS8530 on Android. O operating system on your Wave II mobile phone.

Click amss and select n file.After restarting this is the last step you must do: dial 33284 and select debug level to low.