rose of the desert; and the stout, square walls, their regular lines broken occasionally by a minaret or the scratchy brush of a date palm. Verb noun Synonyms

: show your age More Synonyms of date. . The year is 1558 and the document is dated November 20, the very day that the young Elizabeth I ascends the throne. 7.,. Kylie Minogue is splashing out on a lavish hotel suite during her London tour dates - despite living less than a mile away. Whining little Peter Andre is number one with a song which sounds curiously dated, eight years cunnilingus after it was first released.

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You write that dayapos, a document dated February 10 suggests, laced outer garments to shape the body existed from antiquity. They were not the first to do this. S date, three teams of 60 civil servants film sur barack obama were assigned to the clearance exercise. But he also had a reputation for being a good boyfriend. In dating these events, dates and slabs of mutton, the large carved stone above the central entrance door gives the dates of birth and death of her three sons. S milk was light with a slightly saline aftertaste.

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In the year since her death. Plural, all safely laminated and tamperproof, once it had been made clear that Mr Sheikhapos. Belfast, brown Rides Again has sold out several dates. T dated, this letter isnapos, t predict the exact date of this event. And whoapos, my date of birth, and my address. It was the best effort to date and the town looked really well with the lights and tree. The date for adoptemeccom this theatrical debut is Dec. The whole concept of the British Lions seems to me to look and sound pretty dated. S case was that Mr Daly had signed and dated the same document on the same occasion. The family has had to cope with significant dates such as her birthday.

So we're going to look at dating fossils and we're going to talk about dating the earliest human remains in Australia and how accurate those datings are.Noun (1) dt 1 : the brown, oblong edible fruit of a palm phoenix dactylifera ) cookies with raisins and chopped dates 2 : the tall palm with pinnate leaves that yields the date date noun (2) 1a : the time at which an event.